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Controlled by a corrupt noble just outside of Greatshire, Furrowsfield is an agricultural village whose sole purpose is to produce crops to be shipped to Greatshire.

Villagers live in fear, so much so they do not speak Aslak’s name for fear of getting removed from the village at night. Shady spies hide in the trees keeping an eye on the villagers.

The reeve collects taxes and is a half-orc who owes the noble. He has a small militia of 3 warriors who keep the peace.. All the villagers are downbeat due to the high taxes that they have to pay. They are fearing of the reeve. The innkeeper is the symbol of hope and wants to rebel against the regime but doesn’t have the man power to do it. He is a retired hunter.

Aslak wants to protect his interests in the village due to the high turnover in crops as the land is very fertile. They are shipped into the nearby town to sell. The farmers aren’t paid enough and there is high profit made on the produce.


The Silver Sickle – the local inn
Furrowsfield Farmhouse – where The Farmer’s Daughter takes place.
Furrowsfield Stables
Wallis Farmstead – where Where art thou Silas? can be completed.

Key People

Aslak Bloodspiller – the noble of Greatshire
Budark Fleshcutter – the village’s reeve
Konstantine (Budark’s Militia) – part of Budark’s militia
Rezrack (Budark’s Militia) – part of Budark’s militia
Bogork (Budark’s Militia) – part of Budark’s militia
Furin Silverfist – the local Innkeeper
Silas Wallis – a local farmer
Louisa Wallis – wife of Silas
Olive Wallis – daughter of Silas
Cedric Wallis – son of Silas
Otis Wallis – son of Silas
Ulfbon Beardbeater – the Stable Master


The Farmer’s Daughter – first mission of the entire game.
Where art thou Silas? – activated if the Silas men are killed or captured in the opening mission.


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