The Broken Arrows

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The Broken Arrows is a group of retired hunters that all now work as Innkeepers in the surrounding villages around Greatshire.

Their aim is to install a new leader in the town and remove Aslak Bloodspiller. The town used to be run by a group of 4 Dwarven Elders but tragically one of them died and whilst their defenses were down Aslak’s forces struck Greatshire and forced the Elders into hiding, taking over the town in the process.

The active members of the group are:

Furin Silverfist – found in Furrowsfield

The Elders who are in charge of the group are:

4. deceased – has some sort of key buried with the body in a temple to unlock something in the town to help get the town back. The temple is protected by Aslak’s forces and a magic veil blocks anyone from opening the tomb inside. One of the Elder’s has the power to remove it but needs escorting there by some heroes safely in order to unlock it. The key was buried and sealed before they knew they needed it and before the Elder’s went into hiding. No one has been brave enough to try.

The Broken Arrows

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